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CMS - Integrating Individualized Care and Quality Improvement DVD

Many participants in the transformation from institutional to individualized care have questions regarding compliance with current regulatory guidelines. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has created a four part series to explore these and many other issues.

These programs are now available on DVD. Your organization can examine these remarkable discussions in a format that is more accessible and familiar to a larger population.

These informative and detailed filled sessions include practitioners discussing how they have refocused basic care-giving systems, including night-time care, activity and engagement, food service, bowel and bladder functioning, and turning and repositioning.

Sessions include participants Cathie Brady, MS. Brenda Davidson, RN, Barbara Frank, MPA, Sandy Godfrey, RN, Marguerite M. McLaughlin, MA, Theresa Bennett, RN, BSN, Debora (Debit) Majo, RN, BSN, Alisa Overgaard RD, MS Pamela Riter, RN, Karen C. Schoeneman, MPA, Matthew S. Wayne, M.D., and others.

The four part series includes Integrating Individualized Care and Quality Improvements, Transforming Systems to Achieve Better Clinical Outcomes, Clinical Case Studies in Culture Change, and The How of Change: Workplace Practices and Workforce Stability.

Explore Individualized Care's Roots in OBRA '87 and recent work in QIO's to advance it. The holistic approach to transformational change, the importance of home, individualized care and routine, integrating individualized care and Quality Improvement, and understanding how your systems create your outcomes are all topics discussed. The medical and nursing practice changes due to Culture Change and a discussion of diets and food is also a focus in these sessions. These sessions shed light on the shifting sands of Culture Change, and help to answer many of the frequently asked questions associated with change.

Originally targeted to CMS Central and Regional Office staff, State Survey agencies LTC Surveyors, LTC providers, QIO's, Medical Directors, attending physicians, directors of nursing, dieticians, and consumers, these sessions are a valuable resource for everyone effected in Culture Change.

All four parts are now available. A limited number of ONLY Part 4 are available upon request. For Part 4 only please call our office at 585-271-7570.