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Glorious Adventure


Carter Catlett Williams

This book pictures a woman reaching her fullest vibrancy as an elder, once she ventures into inner territory that had seemed too forbidding in her earlier years. Letters from the father she could not remember were the means of coming to know him, learning of his love for her and hers for him, and coming to terms with his death. Too many of us believe that there is little of worth that happens in later life. We dread our own aging, as though adventure and passion are used up and all that remains is a penchant for repeating the old stories. Glorious Adventure shows how much awaits us, if we dare.

This is a book all gerontologists should read and savor,[as well as] historians, sociologists [and] psychologists...Carter writes so eloquently and with such sensitivity about her father and his journey, and also about their relationship with each other that readers cannot help but learn about family dynamics...[She says,] "My father's letters have given me new life to be reckoned with and reconsideration of the old...I want others to know that an adventure such as this is possible in later life."- Rose Dobrof, DSW, Founding Director of The Brookdale Center and Professor Emerita, The Graduate Center of The City University of New York.