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Getting Ready for Person-Directed Implementation

Organizational Assessment

Having redefined its mission, vision, and values, a home needs to assess its current practices in light of its new beliefs and determine its readiness to embark on a culture change effort. What are the facility's strengths? Its weaknesses? Knowing the starting point and gathering some baseline information allow the home to evaluate outcomes. There are many sources of information, both quantitative and qualitative-for example, a home can measure turnover rates, track census figures, and count residents with pressure sores or incontinence. Qualitative information will tell the stories that add meaning to the quantitative data. Focus groups are one means of gathering this type of feedback. Keeping a journal and a photo album is another good way to capture stories showing the difference the changes are making to residents, their families, and workers.

The For Provider sections Case For Adoption and Case Studies further outline findings and outcomes of quality enhancement for residents, families, staff and organizations involved in culture change activities.