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Rhode Island Support for Culture Change

Survey Agency

The state survey agency is an active member of the state culture change coalition which conducted successful symposiums in 2007 and 2008 and which will be an annual event. The state agency completed an "Individualized Care Pilot" (ICP) as part of the standard federal and state survey at Rhode Island nursing homes which began on November 1, 2007 and ended April 30, 2008. A direct result of the Pilot will be a state survey agency Tool-box and training manual that is being circulated to every SSA.

The current Chair of RI Generations, Inc. is a Department of Health employee, and Chief of Licensure operations in the state survey agency office and the previous Chair was the survey agency Director. The survey agency continues to support coalition activities, including a series of Coffee Exchange sessions that highlight facilities engaged in specific culture change initiatives, such as, noise reduction, waking/sleeping and bathing alternatives. Each Coffee Exchange precedes the monthly RI Generations members meeting. Information is available at:

Long-term Care Ombudsman Program

The Rhode Island State Long-term Care Ombudsman Program in Rhode Island is subcontracted to the Alliance for Better Long-term Care, an advocacy organization. The Alliance has been very active in promoting individualized care and has been part of the state culture change coalition, RI Generations. The Alliance participated in planning the coalition's first annual symposium. The Alliance recently obtained funding from the state legislature to support and facilitate family councils and RI Generations will be helping them inform residents and family members about their rights and opportunities for choice in bringing about real culture change from the consumers point of view. The ombudsmen ask questions at the homes they visit about choices such as dining, waking up and consistent assignment. The LTCOP sent a letter to each resident of the state's nursing homes (a total of 9500) promoting the Advancing Excellence campaign's organizational goals 5-8 which are related to individualized care.