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California Support for Culture Change

Survey Agency

The SSA has worked with the coalition from the beginning.  Although they are not Board members of the coalition's non-profit corporation, they send a representative to all Board and committee meetings and help design the coalition's education programs.  The director has provided all the welcome introductions at each of the coalition's conferences.  They are listed as a "Partner" on all promotional materials.  The state has a new surveyor Training Academy, and there is a module on culture change – particularly surveying to the CMS Artifacts of Culture Change tool.  They were involved with the coalition's Dining Pilot Project, answering regulatory questions that came up as providers moved from traditional tray service to other dining and dietary options.  Finally, they serve on the Facility Design committee which is reviewing the architectural guidelines to promote building more homelike settings.  In addition, they were very helpful interpreting the regulations to permit GREEN HOUSES® to operate in the state. 

Long-term Care Ombudsman Program

The California State Long-term Care Ombudsman is a "partner" in the California Culture Change Coalition and two ombudsmen serve on the Coalition Board of Directors. The California State Long-term Care Ombudsman has provided technical assistance and problem-solving to individual homes upon request by the coalition, and one of the ombudsmen heads up the Coalition's Community Engagement Committee whose goal is to speak to ten organizations this year. Two of the ombudsmen are facilitating one of the coalitions' Regional Collaboratives this year along with a provider. One of the ombudsmen was very involved in getting the coalition's website up and running. The California Long-term Care Ombudsman also provided complimentary registrations to 20 ombudsmen to attend the coalition's first conference.