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Policy and Regulation

One of the most often cited "barriers" to culture change is prohibitive policy and regulation. While it is an ever present reality that progress in these arenas is essential to moving culture change efforts forward, it is a myth that few policy and regulatory advocates exist for person-directed transformations in long-term care.

In 2008, Pioneer Network participated in several Major Funded Initiatives that strengthened our collaborations with policy and regulatory stakeholders. These activities provided strong evidence that, along with the valuable work of advocacy organizations, there is a growing army of advocates affecting change within state and federal governments. 

It is a pleasure to highlight the ongoing work of these stakeholders including state coalitions; local and state governments; industry and consumer advocates; and The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

As an unbiased, umbrella organization, Pioneer Network continues to initiate and promote collaborations that result in the integration of person-directed practice into regulatory guidelines while incentivizing and supporting efforts through policy. To share your story, contact Cathy Lieblich at