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Person Centered Care at Parkside Special Care

Stories from the Field

Ed Long

Parkside Special Care Center was a Kennon S Shea & Associates community that provided care to people living with dementia. In 2006 as the administrator of Parkside Special Care, we embarked on the culture change journey. 

Some artifacts that were implemented at Parkside in order to create a calm environment: no overhead paging (except in an emergency) no loud talking or yelling down the hall, eliminating bed alarms, silencing squeaky carts, etc., establishing consistent assignments, reducing medications and most med times were changed to twice a day, flexible bathing times, Complimentary Alternative Medicine (Qigong, Neuro-Acoustic Therapy, Healing Touch, Memories in the Making© and Aromatherapy), warm scented hand towels offered before meals, Liberalized diets, restaurant style dining, Celebrity Chef , pets living or visiting the care center, wheel chair height vegetable and flower gardens and residents' (both past and present) art work displayed in the dining room that was professional mounted and framed, personal recognition for each resident on their birthday and a Steering Committee was formed that included 3 family members. A monthly Newsletter communicated to the staff, families and the community at large the continued journey with "relationship centered care" at Parkside. Staff was inserviced on validation, redirection and therapeutic mis-direction techniques.

Parkside had a five star rating since its inception by C.M.S. This rating was based on Parkside's excellent surveys and quality measures. In February 2010, Parkside Special Care was named one of the best nursing homes in the nation in an article that was published in U.S. News and World Report. In April 2010, Parkside received dual recognition from My Innerview for excellence in family and employee satisfaction. All three plaques were proudly displayed in the entrance hall to the care center. The My Innerview awards were received two years in a row.

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