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The culture of Kansas


Elizabeth Leis Newman - McKnight's

Everyone in long-term care loves culture change. But there's a secret.

Nobody's quite sure if, how, or why it works from a research standpoint.

Anecdotally, of course, those in the industry hear about how other providers cured loneliness, boredom or unhappiness. Do a shot at a conference for every time you hear about creating a "home like environment," although be aware of alcohol poisoning. We also can see how much more comfortable families are when they don't feel like they are leaving their loved one in a sterile, boring environment.

In 2002, Kansas created a pay-for-performance Medicaid program designed to improve residents' lives. Starting this month, the Center for Applied Research at LeadingAge and Kansas State University will delve into a statistical evaluation of whether the program has helped resident health, resident quality of life and employee job satisfaction. The $149,776 grant was awarded by the Retirement Research Foundation. Read more

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