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Stories From the Field


Michele Veillon - Elder Outreach

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Our organization, Elder Outreach, is a non-profit company of 9 nursing homes and 2 assisted living centers. We are in the midst of what we are calling an EldeRevolution. The focus is on evolving past the old institutional models of thinking and creating an environment of social and personal revolution set to disrupt the current state of long term living. Some of the work that we are actively engaged in involves starting at the beginning and working our way through everything that we do. For example, we are in the process of rebuilding 3 of our homes. And while we are certainly implementing environmental and structural changes in the design, we have moved forward to give these homes names and taglines that create the opportunity for more stories to be lived and told; not names of buildings that are reflective of the life that has been left behind. Therefore, our story is one that has not yet been lived. We invite our residents to come to live in a home where they can write new stories and continue to be productive, thriving, and valuable.

The first of our homes to adopt the name change is in Cut-Off, Louisiana. We went from South Lafourche Nursing and Rehab Center to The Broadway Elder Living & Rehabilitation: Where all of your life is a Stage! Since music, movies and a celebration of the best years of our lives is a main theme in our homes, we feel that this fits in perfectly. Our second home will be transforming from Summerwood Nursing and Rehab to Encore Elder Living and Rehab: Life is not a dress rehearsal! Our corporate image is changing, as well, in response to not only what is happening, but to what is right. Last year's company-wide program was the decades(20's - 60's), but this year we are playing a game similar to the Amazing Race, whereby, each home has to meet a challenge, complete an action and then solve a riddle before getting the next clue. We are including all staff, residents, family and community. One example of an action is to fill the facility's van with as many staff/residents/family as possible and document the event followed by a day of silly activities.

Our corporate office has challenged themselves to do makeovers in our staff breakrooms, while our LA administrators are hitting the road in a SWAT inspired van to help those in need. Our mobile outreach unit will target those in need. We call our cause:ELDER(empowering lives by donating essential resources). Last year we also made movies in each of our homes and had Eldie Awards for the best movie. We never want the stories to end and never fail to surprise, captivate and instill hope. Because without hope, what's the point? - Michele Veillon, Elder Outreach in Louisiana

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