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Stories From The Field

Death and Dying

Marcia Parsons - Garden Spot Village

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Working in households has really changed the way we view the death of a member of our household family. Our chaplain department along with our sewing club at GSV has developed a new way to honor those who pass and to really help the staff and families. Before when someone passed we never really talked about it openly or grieved openly. Now when someone passes away our nursing staff drape the person as they are leaving the building in a beautiful hand made quilt made by our own residents. At the time of someone's passing the chaplains and staff are encouraged to spend time grieving, remembering and sharing stories, we do not hide death. Impromptu memorial services just happen.The sewing club also provides wall hangings for all staff, families and residents to sign and make special notes for our chaplains to present to the family during the formal service. When an elder passed away in a "nursing center" of 80 people the loss was always there but now that we have households of 20 or fewer people you truly feel the loss.  - Marcia Parsons, Garden Spot Village, New Holland, PA

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