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An Assisted Living Story

Custer Care in Broken Bow Nebraska

Jeanette Denson - Custer Care in Broken Bow Nebraska

We have been doing assisted living in homes in Broken Bow (population - 3500) in Central Nebraska since 1999. Our first home was opened in 1999. We have five rooms in a home that was built in 1958 on ground level. We also have Adult Day Services in the home during the week. The clients can help with meals and cleaning up afterward if they choose in our open kitchen. We plan many activities during the day to keep up and active. We plan trips out to other communities for lunch once a month. We also try to do community projects such as clipping soup labels for the grade school or filling bags for the Chamber of Commerce. Our assisted living rooms stay full and usually have a waiting list. In 2008, we purchased another home in town with 8 rooms for assisted living and it filled in 3 months. It is handicapped accessible on 2 floors. The clients eat family style in both facilities with the staff. They make their own beds if they choose and take part in all activities. They become like a family caring for each other and when they have company, they include others in their visits. We feel this is how aging should be when you can no longer be in your own home. Treated with respect and able to do the things you enjoy with others like you. - Jeannette Dawson, Custer Care

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