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Media Contact: Ruta Kadonoff
Phone: 503-569-1545

Articles and Columns

Creating and Sustaining the Balance Between the Up-side and the Down-side Risk of LIVING
- 1/31/2017

The Eight Best Ways to Kill Your Senior Living Culture
- 1/24/2017

Deepening the Capacity to Lead: Part 2
Pioneer Network
- 1/17/2017

Deepening the Capacity to Lead
Part 1: Appreciative Inquiry
- 1/10/2017

Why Worry About Words?
Pioneer Network
- 1/3/2017

A Fresh Look at Bathing Without a Battle
- 12/27/2016

'Tis the Season for Storytelling
Pioneer Network
- 12/13/2016

Making the Leap from Wellness to Well-being...
- 12/6/2016

5 Qualities for a Great Nursing Home
U.S. News
- 11/29/2016

5 Tips for Team Building
Pioneer Network
- 11/15/2016

Person-Directed Dining: Don't Let Fear Keep You From Providing Choice
Pioneer Network
- 11/1/2016

Culture Change and the New Long Term Care Regulations
Pioneer Network
- 10/25/2016

Helping Families Through Life Transitions
Pioneer Network
- 10/18/2016

Family Matters: Developing Relationships Through Family Connections
Pioneer Network
- 10/12/2016

What's culture change got to do with it? Everything!
Pioneer Network
- 10/4/2016

Family Matters: Ways to Improve Staff/Family Communications
Pioneer Network
- 9/27/2016

Houston, We Have a Problem
Pioneer Network
- 9/20/2016

A Home: More Than Bricks and Mortar
Pioneer Network
- 9/13/2016

The Kitchen: The Heart of the Home
Pioneer Network
- 9/6/2016

The new CMS nursing home regulations are coming! Are you ready?
Pioneer Network
- 8/30/2016

Under-Nutrition: The Dietary Dilemma Older Adults Have in Common
Pioneer Network
- 8/23/2016

Scripps Gerontology Center receives grant to improve Ohio's nursing homes
- 8/22/2016

The Times They are a Changing…
Pioneer Network
- 8/17/2016

Dementia-friendly dining
Long-Term Living
- 8/15/2016

Making a Revolution: One Person at a Time
Pioneer Network
- 8/9/2016

Back to the Floor
CNA Edge: A voice from the trenches of long term care
- 8/8/2016

Have You Hardwired Your Communication System?
Pioneer Network
- 8/2/2016

Pioneer Network: Advocating for Elders Wherever They May Live!
Pioneer Network
- 7/19/2016

Taking Stock of Person-Centered Care Practices
- 7/15/2016

Quality Pays -- and Person Centered Care is a Path to Quality!
Pioneer Network
- 7/12/2016

Culture Change or Person Centered Care -- What is the Real Journey?
- 7/7/2016

Inspired Care: Bringing Action Pact's Household Model® to Australia
- 7/7/2016

Person-centered care programs projected to cut skilled nursing stays by 20%
- 6/27/2016

Interviews & video: Older and Bolder Dancers kick up their heels to inspire others
The Oklahoman
- 6/24/2016

Seniors can’t stop dancing to Justin Timberlake
Long-Term Living
- 6/17/2016

No bones about it: Baseball player is a fan of senior living
McKnight's Senior Living
- 6/9/2016

Don't we deserve better?
Ruta Kadonoff - McKnight's
- 5/12/2016

Pursuing Culture Change 2.0
McKnight's Senior Living
- 5/11/2016

Massachusetts: Where Age-Friendly Is All-Friendly
Meg LaPorte -
- 5/9/2016

Loneliness can literally hurt your heart, scientists say
The Washington Post
- 4/28/2016

Tap dancing at any age
Long-Term Living
- 4/14/2016

Music, Storytelling and Multi-generational Power
- 3/15/2016

Conscious Aging in Cohousing Community
Beth Baker
- 3/1/2016

Dementia bathing: How to keep a bath from becoming a battle
Long-Term Living
- 2/27/2016

Ruta Kadonoff named executive director of Pioneer Network
Long-Term Living
- 2/10/2016

Watch What Happens When You Put a Preschool in a Nursing Home
Next Avenue PBS
- 2/3/2016

When blinding conditions open the eyes
- 1/28/2016

We’re lucky if we get to be old, physician and professor believes
The Washington Post
- 1/27/2016

Danish Trip Opens Eyes, Minds To New Elder Care Possibilities, Exec Says
- 1/26/2016

Nursing home on the range
Long-Term Living
- 1/20/2016

Small Residences for the Elderly Provide More Personal, Homelike Care
The New York Times
- 12/17/2015

All Eyes Are on the Management Team
- 12/15/2015

Panel issues definition of 'person-centered care'
- 12/3/2015

Connected Horse
- 11/10/2015

2015 Influencers in Aging
Next Avenue
- 11/2/2015

Pain and Management and Dementia
Long-Term Living
- 10/22/2015

Keeping residents happy may keep them healthy
- 10/16/2015

Ship Shape
Provider Magazine
- 10/7/2015

Seniors and teens: Multigenerational meetups matter
Long-Term Living
- 9/10/2015

Eden Alternative issues dementia care report
- 8/27/2015

Daytona Beach college students to bunk with local seniors
Long-Term Living
- 8/14/2015

Nursing home antipsychotic use down 21.7%
- 8/11/2015

Hello, Richard
- 7/26/2015

The Role for Dementia Consultant Teams
- 7/20/2015

CASE STUDY: Boston Facility Learns to Emphasize Choice
PHI Blog
- 7/9/2015

The culture of Kansas
- 7/6/2015

The Countdown Continues!
The White House Conference on Aging
- 6/26/2015

Seattle Preschool in a Nursing Home 'Transforms' Elderly Residents
Good Morning America
- 6/17/2015

Calming Dementia Patients Without Powerful Drugs
- 6/5/2015

Medicalization of Feelings: BPSD or BPSOD?
- 5/13/2015

Building Better Nursing Homes
The Atlantic
- 5/6/2015

PHI's Ortigara Discusses Power and Culture Change at Provider Event
PHI Blog
- 5/1/2015

Dutch nursing home offers rent-free housing to students
PBS Newshour
- 4/8/2015

Transforming Nursing Home Care
New York Times
- 4/2/2015

What Hannah Taught Me…
Virgil Thomas -
- 3/29/2015

Consumer Voice Resident's Voice Challenge 2015
National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care
- 3/23/2015

DICE model provides alternative to drugs for dementia
Long-Term Living
- 3/13/2015

SURVEY: Measuring Public Attitudes Towards Person-Centered Care
PHI Blog
- 3/12/2015

Author Ai-jen Poo Recommends Green House Model in TIME Magazine
The Green House Project Blog
- 3/12/2015

A Radical Idea: Residents Hiring Staff
Beth Baker -
- 2/23/2015

One Vision: Moving Forward - Discussion Document
- 2/18/2015

TimeSlips: Forget Memory - Try Imagination!
The Green House Project Blog
- 2/16/2015

Making a Connection in Dementia Care
Long-Term Living
- 2/12/2015

COACH'S CORNER: Building a Relationship-Centered Culture
Sue Misiorski - PHI
- 1/29/2015

Highlights of 2014 for The Green House Project
The Green House Project
- 1/16/2015

Guidelines for Antipsychotics in Dementia—Part 2
Dr. Al Power -
- 1/13/2015

Reimagining What a Nursing Home Can Be
Beth Baker - PBS Next Avenue
- 1/10/2015

The Green House Effect: Homes for the Elderly to Thrive
The New York Times
- 1/8/2015

Guidelines for Antipsychotic Drugs in Dementia—Part 1
- 1/5/2015

Employee appreciation is focus of new Advancing Excellence initiative
Long-Term Living
- 12/16/2014

What NPR Missed in Their Antipsychotics Report
Dr. Al Power -
- 12/10/2014

An Illustrated Look at Quality Improvement in Health Care
Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI)
- 12/1/2014

Predictable scheduling
Nursing homes can boost quality, bottom line with 'consistent assignment'
- 8/24/2010

“The only thing that should change when someone moves to a nursing home is their address”
Everyone is Aging Blog
- 8/18/2010

Providers Revamp Dining to Please the Palette
Choices and flexibility lead to better outcomes.
- 8/9/2010

'Villages' let elderly grow old at home
USA Today
- 7/27/2010

Evelyn Coke Memorialized in Newsday Op-Ed
An op-ed co-written by PHI President Steven Dawson and published in the July 22 Newsday pays tribute to the “American heroine” Evelyn Coke.
- 7/23/2010

He’s not a patient, but plays one for class
Students studying geriatrics in Maine live for weeks in N.E. nursing homes
- 7/21/2010

It's good to be home: Choosing durable yet homelike furniture for smaller long-term care facilities
- 7/19/2010

Free Culture Change Newsletter from Georgia Coalition
Culture Change Connection
- 7/14/2010

Turn 70. Act Your Grandchild’s Age.
NY Times
- 7/13/2010

IN MEMORIAM: Robert N. Butler, M.D., 1927-2010
- 7/9/2010

Fall Prevention Awareness Curriculum Available Now
- 7/1/2010

PHI Trains Leading Nurse Educators in Coaching Supervision
- 6/21/2010

Culture Change Close to Home
- 5/12/2010

CMS official honored for work with nursing homes
Karen Schoeneman
- 5/12/2010

Culture Change Goes Mainstream
Green House homes, considered the pinnacle of the movement, have spread to 26 states.
- 5/3/2010

Why is One of the Most In-Demand Jobs So Low Paid?
Ms. Magazine
- 4/20/2010

Campaign Aims to Improve Nursing Homes
Radio Interview with Mary Jane Koren
- 4/8/2010

National Campaign Releases Tip Sheet to Improve Nursing Home Quality
- 4/2/2010

Stressful but Vital: Choosing a Nursing Home
- 3/19/2010

The Culture Change Way: Empowering direct care workers to improve care
- 3/16/2010

Be careful what you think
It may come true. Stereotypes about aging can be bad for your health — or good.
- 3/15/2010

Deciding on Care for Elderly Parents in Declining Health
- 3/13/2010

Respect Your Elders
- 3/12/2010

Female WWII aviators honored with gold medal
They flew non-combat missions, but 38 were killed in service
- 3/10/2010

Obama Puts Forth Health Plan Summit
- 2/25/2010

AIAS/SAGE Student Design Competition: Rethinking Home
Young Designers Take on Renovating a SNF
- 12/11/2009

Recommendations Issued on Caring for People with Dementia at Home
- 11/9/2009

Culture Change Making Headway in New Hampshire
Sue Misiorski delivered the keynote presentation
- 10/9/2009

Aging in Place Gets a Strong Advocate in Kathy Greenlee
Assistant secretary of aging presents her agenda at Denver conference
- 9/28/2009

Arts allow Alzheimer's patients to live in the moment
USA Today
- 9/16/2009

Workplace Interventions Improve Turnover, Quality of Care
- 9/11/2009

Cherokee Elder Care Celebrates 1st Anniversary
Cherokee Phoenix
- 9/8/2009

Invisible Immigrants, Old and Left With ‘Nobody to Talk To’
The New York Times
- 9/2/2009

PA Group Publishes Principles for Ideal LTC System
- 8/27/2009

Experiencing Life, Briefly, Inside a Nursing Home
The New York Times
- 8/24/2009

Nursing Home Interventions Funded by Penalties Improve Quality of Care, Reduce Staff Turnover
Long-Term Living
- 8/23/2009

PHI Launches Training Services Website
- 8/18/2009

Who Will Care for the Elderly and Disabled?
Culture Change Discussed in Long-Term Care Health Reform
- 8/3/2009

Study Shows Reduction in Restraints, Chronic Pain for Nursing Homes Participating in the Advancing Excellence Campaign
Long-Term Living
- 7/27/2009

Sisters Face Death With Dignity and Reverence
The New York Times
- 7/12/2009

U.S. Court of Appeals Recognizes Right to Justice for Violations of Nursing Home Resident Rights
- 7/7/2009

Make Nursing Homes More Like Home: New guidance asks for less institutional, more personal care
US News & World Report
- 7/1/2009

All-Night Care for Dementia’s Restless Minds
The New York Times
- 6/30/2009

Paper Addresses Nurses' Role in Culture Change
- 6/23/2009

National Group Seeks Nominations for ‘Dementia Care Professional of the Year’
Long-Term Living Magazine
- 6/19/2009

CCRC Provider Holds Empathy Training for Non-Clinical Staff
Long-Term Living
- 6/16/2009

Program offers free eye care to America's elderly
Reuters Health
- 6/12/2009

Where To Live As We Age
- 6/1/2009

Advancing Excellence Announces New Goals
- 5/29/2009

Nursing Homes Aim to Be More Homey
The News & Observer
- 5/12/2009

The Commonwealth Fund Announces Two New Resources
Funded Projects Support Culture Change
- 4/24/2009

Legislators push for ‘culture change’ at Colorado nursing homes
- 4/9/2009

Wisconsin Campaign Makes Economic Case for LTC Investment
- 3/30/2009

Interview - Robert Jenkens: Growing THE GREEN HOUSE Project
- 3/27/2009

Assisted Living Senior Prom: Behind the Scenes
Inside Assisted Living
- 3/18/2009

An Emergency Room Built Specially For Seniors
Joseph Shapiro - NPR
- 2/19/2009

A Colorado Home Is Ready for Its Owners’ Old Age
Joyce Wadler - The New York Times
- 2/18/2009

Culture Change in Assisted Living
Provider Magazine
- 2/16/2009

Green Houses Turn a New Leaf in Nursing Home Care
The Dallas Morning News
- 2/3/2009

Caring for the Caregivers
New York Times Editorial
- 1/27/2009

Paying for Mom: Little-Known Laws Force Families to Fund Parents’ Care
Beth Baker - AARP Bulletin Today
- 1/10/2009

Kohl Bill Aims to Bolster Direct-Care Workforce Training
- 12/17/2008

Home, but Not Alone
The Washington Post
- 12/9/2008

Getting to the Bottom of CNA Turnover
McKnight's Long-Term Care & Assisted Living
- 12/1/2008

Labor and Management Partner for Change
Caring for the Ages
- 11/30/2008

"Elderspeak" Can Negatively Affect Health of Older People
Natural News
- 11/23/2008

Reinventing Nursing Homes by Putting Patients First
The Buffalo News
- 11/21/2008

Culture Change Can Alter Dementia Care
Rethinking treatments for dementia can have a positive impact on nursing facility residents
- 11/1/2008

In ‘Sweetie’ and ‘Dear,’ a Hurt for the Elderly
The New York Times
- 10/6/2008

Center for Excellence in Assisted Living
The Pioneer Network and the Culture Change Movement: Changing the Culture of Aging in the 21st Century
- 9/30/2008

Investing in Culture Change: Long term care leaders speculate about why it works
Provider Magazine Cover Story
- 8/31/2008

Culture change is on the horizon for long-term health care
A gust of fresh air is blowing across the long-term-care landscape.
- 8/14/2008

A Cultural Shift
Health Progress
- 1/31/2008

Consequences of Empowered CNA Teams in Nursing Home Settings
A Longitudinal Assessment
- 11/6/2007

Where Should Momma Go?
Current Nursing Home Performance Strategies
- 11/5/2007

Resident Outcomes in Small-House Nursing Homes
A Longitudinal Evaluation of the Initial Green House Program
- 8/16/2007

Nursing Homes Quit Living in the Past
- 4/22/2007

Home sweet Retirement Home
"Person-centered" facilities offer more choices, freedom for residents
- 3/4/2007

'Green Houses' for golden years
Innovative units come to Mass.
- 9/30/2006

This isn't your grandma's nursing home -- but it could be yours
Guided by its residents, a Kansas facility is reinvented
- 9/17/2006

Nursing home sweet nursing home
- 5/19/2006

Nursing home aide has empathy
- 5/17/2006

"Brave New Home" opens the door to changing nursing-home culture
- 2/27/2006

PBS Documents Bid to Build a Better Nursing Home
- 2/19/2006

A New Kind Of Nursing Home
Why Meadowlark Hills CEO Wants To Change Nursing Homes
- 10/25/2005

Making the Nursing Home More Like 'Home'
Facility Houses Residents in Cottages That Thay Can Decide Themselves How to Decorate
- 8/25/2005

Reformers Seek to Reinvent Nursing Homes
- 6/25/2005

The New Nursing Home, Emphasis on Home
- 4/23/2005

Culture Change
In Baton Rouge, one nursing home is spicing things up, creating an atmosphere that's less like a hospital and more like home. More flexibility in rules and schedules is improving residents' lives, advocates say.
- 4/21/2005

No Place Like Home:
Nursing homes struggle with too few nurses, aides for growing elderly population
- 9/22/2002

Editorials and Opinions

Top Ten Things To Remember While Training
CNA Edge: A voice from the trenches of long term care
- 7/12/2016

Residents' Rights Month 2015: CARE Matters
National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care
- 10/1/2015

Changing Aging
- 9/14/2015

Meet Penny Shaw, National Advocate for Nursing Home Residents
- 8/17/2015

The Age of Actualization: A Review
Patricia Elliott Rothchild -
- 1/21/2015

Pioneer Network Recognized on New York Times Editorial Page
- 10/1/2008

Just For Fun

88 year old Mayor of the sixth largest city in Canada
- 7/30/2010

Couple of 62 Years Gives Impromptu Concert at the Mayo Clinic
A "Just for Fun" Video Link
- 5/15/2009

Pioneer Network in the News

Do you live to eat or eat to live?
- 9/12/2016

In Memoriam Rob Mayer
- 12/4/2015

Trained Staff Enhance Resident Experience
Long-Term Living
- 4/6/2015

Nursing homes find bed, chair alarms do more harm than good
The Boston Globe
- 3/25/2015

Ann’s Choice Menu-Planning Program Earns National Recognition
Renaissance Gardens honored by It's Never 2 Late/Pioneer Network for video submission on person-centered care
- 8/17/2010

Hand-in-Hand blends adult day care with companionship
24 representatives from national conference visit Richmond's program
- 8/10/2010

Advocates Spotlight Nurse Role
Competencies Outline Methods for Encouraging Transformation
- 8/9/2010

Long-term care conference's sole focus to be culture change
- 8/6/2010

Making it OK to sleep late
A Chicago nursing home joins a movement to treat residents more like people, not patients
- 7/17/2010

CMS and Pioneer Network Team Up for Culture Change
- 5/21/2010

Consumers Show Interest in Culture Change Practices
Long-Term Living Magazine
- 5/15/2010

Website Allows Providers to Measure Culture Change
- 4/16/2010

Adding Value To Late Years
With 'culture change,' facilities strive to make long-term care less regimented, more personal
- 4/12/2010

Pioneer Network Announces Web-Based Artifacts of Culture Change Tool
- 4/1/2010

A Good Age: Making nursing homes more like home
Pioneer Network focus group talks about how services can cater more to what an older person wants
- 2/26/2010

Profile: Bonnie Kantor
- A personal commitment
- 2/2/2010

America's Best Nursing Homes
A look behind the rankings.
- 1/12/2010

These Nursing Homes Care About Their Elderly Charges
At new-culture facilities, the emphasis is on respect for residents and a homelike setting
- 1/12/2010

More Home, Less Nursing
Advocates want to make nursing homes more comfortable...
- 1/12/2010

Second Annual Georgia Culture Change Summit HUGE Success
Governor declares Culture Change Day in Georgia
- 12/7/2009

Kim McRae Receives The Allison Cuba Champion Award
Georgia Coalition Co-founder Recognized for Exceptional Service
- 12/4/2009

Pioneer Network cited in Modern Healthcare magazine
Article "Just like home" in Sept. 21st issue
- 9/21/2009

Pioneer Conference is “Perfect Fit” for DCA
Direct Care Alliance
- 9/14/2009

Pioneering Culture Change in Little Rock
PHI's Kathy McCollett reviews her experiences at the the 9th Annual Pioneer Network Conference that took place in mid-August
- 9/3/2009

New Executive Director for the Colorado Culture Change Coalition
Colorado Culture Change Coalition
- 8/14/2009

Cottage-like elder care facilities gaining popularity in Rochester area
Democrat and
- 7/6/2009

Dr. Bill Thomas on YouTube
A plea to Oprah Winfrey
- 5/7/2009

CMS Guidelines Call for Homelike Environments in Nursing Homes
- 4/17/2009

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Announces Revisions to Interpretive Guidelines
Changes Target Quality of Life and Environment
- 4/16/2009

Interview with Bill Thomas - Green House Projects Let Elders Age In Homes
NPR - Talk of the Nation
- 4/2/2009

Bill Introduced to Support National Demonstration Projects on Culture Change
S. 647 Nursing Home Transparency and Improvement Act of 2009
- 3/25/2009

Deadline Approaching for Carter Williams Legacy Fund
March 31st Last Day to Submit Applications
- 3/13/2009

Nationally Recognized Culture Change Expert Named Deputy Director of the CMS Division of Nursing Homes
Pioneer Network in the News
- 3/12/2009

PHI Interview with Steve Shields
"It's Time To Plan for Transformation"
- 3/6/2009

Growing in the Third Age
A Glorious Adventure
- 2/26/2009

When Culture Change Meets Home and Community-Based Services
Morgan Gable - FutureAge
- 2/25/2009

New Five-Star Rankings: One Way to Check Out a Nursing Home
By Beth Baker - AARP Bulletin Today
- 2/6/2009

Culture Change Referenced in Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Publication
CMS Guide to Choosing a Nursing Home
- 1/6/2009

Pioneer Network to Convene Life Safety Code Task Force
Made Possible by the Hulda B. and Maurice L. Rothschild Foundation
- 12/15/2008

Exploring “Homey” Alternatives to Institutional Living
- 11/19/2008

Caring for the Aged
Bonnie Kantor, Executive Director of the Pioneer Network,
- 2/29/2008

Press Releases

Join us in welcoming our newest Board Members
- 7/7/2016

PHI Releases Training to Prevent Adult Abuse and Neglect (TPAAN) Program Case Study
- 3/24/2016

Administration Releases Final Report for 2015 Conference on Aging
White House Conference on Aging
- 1/30/2016

Pioneer Network announces the release of Engaging Staff in Individualizing Care: An Implementation Handbook
- 8/18/2015

Pioneer Network Executive Director Position is Open for Application
- 7/30/2015

Disrupt Infections Workshop to Visit 30 Cities; Earn 2 CEU Credits
Advancing Excellence
- 5/26/2015

Announcing Residents' Rights Month 2015
National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care
- 2/25/2015

Minnesota Resident Honored for Creating a New
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to Present Judy Berry
- 8/13/2010

Planetree Receives Commonwealth Fund Grant to Develop Designation Criteria and Measurement Strategies for Person-Centered Care
- 7/19/2010

A Unique Resource Guide to Help Nursing Homes Achieve a Higher Level of Care for Residents
- 6/25/2010

MDS 3.0 Training Video Now Available Exclusively in Pioneer Network Bookstore
For Immediate Release
- 6/24/2010

Dr. Richard Taylor Launches “Donate a Dollar to Dementia” Campaign
Funds Raised Will Support Awardees of the 2010 Carter Williams Legacy Fund
- 6/10/2010

Ground-breaking “Nurse Competencies for Nursing Home Culture Change” Released
Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing in Collaboration with the Coalition of Geriatric Nursing Organizations and Pioneer Network Finalize Competencies Completed in a Two-Year Initiative of Historic Proportion
- 5/27/2010

Founding Member of Pioneer Network to Receive Picker Institute Award for Excellence in the Advancement of Patient-Centered Care
Karen Schoeneman will Accept Award at Pioneer Network National Conference Luncheon
- 5/13/2010

Assistant Secretary Greenlee to Speak at
Pioneer Network’s 10th Annual Conference

- 4/29/2010

Pioneer Network Completes Year-Long Project Designed to Increase Consumer Knowledge about Long Term Care and Culture Change
- 4/28/2010

Rusin Honored for Contributions to Quality of Life for Rhode Island Elderly
- 4/21/2010

Pioneer Network Announces Launch of Facebook Page
Become a Fan and Receive Regular Updates on Culture Change News and Educational Events
- 4/15/2010

Willard Scott a Voice for the 100-Plus
- 3/29/2010

Mary Jane Koren Named 2010 Terrance Keenan Award Winner
- 3/23/2010

Access to Nature Webinar Series a Resounding Success
Organizations from all 50 States Participated with 500+ Individuals Viewing each Webinar
- 3/22/2010

Culture-Change Symposium Held in Western New York
- 3/11/2010

First Webinar in Access to Nature Series a Resounding Success
- 3/8/2010

Pioneer Network Announces Upcoming Webinar Series
Access to Nature
- 1/28/2010

Nation’s Training Demand Spurs New PHI Department
Leadership Changes
- 1/21/2010

Judah Ronch to Speak at Creating Home in the Nursing Home II
Ronch to Explore the Psychological Link between Dining, Memory & Meaning
- 1/7/2010

WNY Alliance for Person-Centered Care Creates Web Site for Health Professionals
For Immediate Release
- 12/23/2009

Assistant Secretary for Aging Kathy Greenlee to Keynote National Symposium on Culture Change and Dining in Eldercare
Pioneer Network
- 12/17/2009

Putting the "Home" back in nursing homes.
County officials briefed on small facilities that aim to empower residents, offer cozy atmosphere
- 12/17/2009

Culture Change Journeys: WNYAPCC November Newsletter
Alliance for Person-Centered Care
- 11/13/2009

Consortium Promotes Excellence in Assisted Living
CEAL celebrates fifth anniversary
- 11/2/2009

A Message to all Nursing Homes
from the Chair of the Advancing Excellence in America’s Nursing Homes Campaign:
- 10/29/2009

How Can We Radically Transform Activities in Long Term Care?
White Paper from the University of Wisconsin Madision's Center on Age & Community
- 9/18/2009

WNY Alliance for Person-Centered Care Names Rhonda Rotterman Executive Director
The Western New York Alliance for Person-Centered Care (WNYAPCC)
- 9/10/2009

WNY Alliance for Person-Centered Care Awarded Oishei Grant for Training Programs
Organization Represents First-in-nation Initiative to Change Long Term Care System
- 8/30/2009

Planetree Continuing Care Announces National Designation Program
Brown University’s Center for Gerontology and Health Care Research to Oversee Qualitative Analysis
- 8/17/2009

Association of Households International (AHHI)
New Association to Attend Pioneer Network Conference
- 8/10/2009

August 14 Is Deadline to Apply for $20,000 Awards for Innovative Programs for Alzheimer's Caregivers
National Center on Caregiving at Family Caregiver Alliance
- 8/5/2009

Dr. Bill Thomas Named 2009 Picker Award Winner
Picker Institute
- 7/22/2009

CEAL Announces "Promoting Excellence in Assisted Living Awards Program"
The Center for Excellence in Assisted Living
- 7/14/2009

Pioneer Network Announces "Design on a Dime Roadmaps"
An Innovative Project to Encourage Nursing Home Culture Change Through Low-Cost Environmental Options
- 7/8/2009

New Medicare Nursing Home Guidance to Include Quality of Life and Environment Requirements
- 6/25/2009

New Medicare Nursing Home Guidance To Include Quality of Life and Environment Requirements
- 6/19/2009

Dr. Richard Taylor Named 2009 Carter Williams Legacy Award Honoree
Pioneer Network Celebrates Dr. Richard Taylor’s Pioneering Advocacy To Bring A Voice To People Living With Alzheimer’s and Dementia
- 5/16/2009

Research News

GSA Meeting Abstracts Due March 15
The Gerontological Society of America
- 2/22/2010

Health Affairs Highlights Culture Change in Nursing Homes
Article "Person-Centered Care For Nursing Home Residents: The Culture-Change Movement"
- 1/8/2010

The Gerontologist Explores Nursing Assistant Job Satisfaction
- 11/12/2009

Supporting Culture Change:
Working Toward Smarter State Nursing Home Regulation
- 10/10/2009

Research in Culture Change Spotlight - Jewish Home Lifecare of New York
Culture Change in the Nursing Home: The Impact on Elder, Staff, and Family
- 8/20/2009

Collaborative Publishes Unique Manual
The Center for Excellence in Assisted Living (CEAL)
- 7/5/2009

National Center for Health Statistics Releases Report Examining Nursing Homes
Long-Term Living
- 6/13/2009

Mather LifeWays and NIC Accepting Submissions for the 2009 Seniors Housing & Care Journal
Mather LifeWays
- 2/4/2009

Preliminary Research Supports Nursing Home Culture Change Movement
New Study Suggests Better Quality of Care and Profitability Outcomes
- 9/1/2008

Stories From The Field

Person Centered Care at Parkside Special Care
Stories from the Field
- 9/9/2016

Stories from the Field
A Story of Choice
- 7/1/2010

Stories From the Field
A Story of Food Service
- 5/20/2010

Stories From the Field
- 5/6/2010

Stories From The Field
Death and Dying
- 5/5/2010

OPTIMA Award finalist implements culture change to improve facility life for its residents-and staff
Long-Term Living Magazine
- 4/26/2010

Stories From The Field
Resident and Staff Involvement in the Hiring Process
- 11/11/2009

An Assisted Living Story
Custer Care in Broken Bow Nebraska
- 11/9/2009

Stories From The Field
Thoughts on Media Portrayals
- 11/5/2009

"Through the Looking Glass"
Illinois Pioneer Coalition
- 11/3/2009

Stories From The Field
A Story of a Camping Trip from La Hacienda in Green Valley, Arizona
- 9/1/2009

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