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Meeting at the Crossroads Comments

What was your favorite part of the conference?

Meeting others in the industry and learning of the many different ways we are all working towards culture change.
The ability for the three of us to attend excellent presentations that fit our individual interests and, at the same time, is helping to build our organization in the full approach to Culture change. The FEEL of the conference -- the energy and commitment of all who came to Culture Change. Downtown Indianapolis was a great venue as well -- just for fun.
The energy!!!! I really enjoyed the entire conference.
Time with colleagues who share a common vision, and an opportunity to become "energized" again. This is a hard business sometimes! The conference gave me a fill-up on what I need to get going again.
I am new to culture change and found the conference to be a great learning experience. I learned a lot about the many different aspects of culture change along with meeting a lot of the people driving the movement.

Networking with others struggling through the culture change process.

It was inspiring to realize how far we have come in our culture change journey across the country (and in other countries, as well). The opening was just wonderful! Every speaker had me in tears (of joy!!). It was worth every dime just for those few hours . . .

The opportunity to meet with other attendees who were at all phases of this journey and share ideas. The enthusiasm of those I met was unlike any other conference I attend.

I don't think I can narrow it down to one favorite -- I LOVE the roll call, networking with friends from across the country, and the opening and closing sessions. It was all great!

Networking. Seeing old friends.

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