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2016 Pioneer Network Conference Videos

Recordings of select Pioneer Network conference education sessions are available for free on-demand online viewing.

Brought to you by a generous donation from Kimberly Clark Corporation.

CNA Edge: A Voice from the Trenches of Long-term Care
Alice, Yang and May present CNA Edge: a Voice from the Trenches of Long-term Care, an opinion blog written by Hannah Hedges, Bob Goddard, and Corey Rotella. CNA Edge is just that. On the Edge. Hear about how they and over a million care partners like them demonstrate each day that each person can and does make a difference when it comes to revolutionizing the culture of aging.

Creating a Society Where Elders Live Fulfilled Lives

Francis Njuakom will inspire you. 
It's as if he was forged by circumstance to facilitate the emotional growth of Cameroon. Growing up in a slum, the death of his father, witnessing the plight of widows and elders all served to motivate and focus him on uncovering the hidden potential beneath the face of poverty. His vision of engaging elders into one voice that speaks on behalf of women and the poor has improved Cameroon society over the twenty years. Listen to what he has to say and you can't help but be infected by and share his joy of continuing social transformation.

Person-Centered Care and Implementation of CMS Proposed Rule Changes
This session will review and analyze the new proposed CMS rules for nursing facilities. Attendees will learn how person-centeredness is incorporated as a key principle, and will discuss how these rules can be effectively implemented to promote person-centeredness as well as improved quality of care in other domains. The limitations, pitfalls, and unintended consequences of these proposed rules along with challenges in implementation will also be identified in order to develop strategies to prevent shortcomings, undesirable actions or outcomes.

Jonathan Evans, MD

Disrupt Infections by Creating Community Immunity
The top three causes of hospitalizations for elders in nursing homes are infections, causing not only personal distress but costly hospital stays and use of resources. These infections and many others in all settings across the continuum of care can be prevented. This session will overview disrupting infections by creating "Community Immunity", which is an approach to elevating awareness about spread of germs leading to infection, and includes practical action steps to stem the spread of germs, including changing daily care practices and involving staff and family's commitment to disrupting infection. 

Lynda Crandall, RN, GNP, Pioneer Network

Person-Centered Leadership
The current environment requires its leaders to be more than ever before: strategist, financial wizard, visionary,coach, motivator and much more. This session will look at qualitiesexemplified by good leaders and help you to see how you measure up. Wewill explore leadership styles to determine yours. We will discusstechniques for improving your style and you will learn how you canbetter motivate your caregivers in a Person-Centered Culture.Participants will start to develop their own plan to develop into theleader they want to be. Leadership is learned – let's continue to grow!

Mary Tellis-Nayak, VP Quality Initiatives, MyInnerView

Ageism: Recognizing and Destroying the Weed Sabotaging your Culture Change Journey

It's disguised in jokes, movies, music, and advertising. From years of internalizing these messages, it gets buried deep within us. Ageism, the last socially accepted form of prejudice and a global multi-billion dollar industry. Society views aging in terms of loss, decline and worthlessness. By shifting that focus toward the gifts Elders have to give and their well-being, we empower all care partners to create healthier lives for themselves and those for whom they care. This session will explore how ageism's underlying effects can damage a culture change journey and how to pluck this invasive weed by its root.

Mel Coppola, Owner, Hearts In Care, LLC

The Need for a Social Revolution in Residential Care

Research suggests that programs fostering engagement and peer support provide opportunities for residents to be socially productive and develop a valued social identity. This interactive session will explore a re-conceptualization of current practices that focus on entertainment and distraction, to one that centers on resident contributions and peer support. Presenters will offer a model for discussion—Resident Engagement and Peer Support(REAP)—for designing interventions that advance residents' social identity, reciprocal relationships and social productivity. Attendees will leave with viable take away strategies that have the potential to revolutionize current psychosocial practices from resident care to resident engagement. 

KristineTheurer , Founder, President, Java Group Programs, Inc.
Robyn Stone, Executive Director, LeadingAge Center for Applied Research