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Concurrent Educational Session E

Wednesday, August 6, 2014 - 10:30 to 12 Noon

Session E1
Sponsored by the Alzheimer's Association "essentiALZ® Dementia Care Certification Program":
Environmental Autobiographies: Interior Space Arrangement to Support Person-Focused Priorities
ROOM: New York A
Environmental design has powerful, often overlooked roles in cueing vs. confusing elders experiencing memory changes. Expand the "I-Centered" care plan to "Environmental Autobiographies," and discover a rich trove of practical ideas for person-centered, outcome-focused memory care. This session offers tools and practice for new and experienced participants in floor plan analysis of smaller "behavior settings". Learn to translate Environmental Autobiographies to more person-centered individual AND group programs in nursing, assisted living and day
services. Learn how co-workers integrate care, daily routines and other meaningful activities drawing on Environmental Autobiographies. Leave with ideas for elders, families, and space.

Lorraine Hiatt, Environmental Gerontologist, Planning, Research and Design for Aging

Session E3
The Journey Transformed: Person-Directed Care at the End of Life
ROOM: Van Horn B-C
"You matter because you are you. You matter to the last moment of your life" (Cicely Saunders). Recognizing a person's hopes and wishes is important to the person and family's well-being at end of life. By understanding issues that the dying person may encounter, and applying culture change principles at this critical time, self-directed care can continue to the very end of life. Our Four Practices of Respecting the voices of our elders, Refocusing on relationships, Re-emphasizing individual choice, and Reimagining home will be outlined and discussed with the goal of transforming end of life.

Anne Mahler, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Palliative Care, Hebrew Senior Life
Susan Moser, Chaplain, Community and Culture Coach, Hebrew Senior Life

Maudeline Dalexis, Senior Resident Assistant, Hebrew Senior Life
Elina Kiner, RN, Team Leader, Hebrew Senior Life
Marie Mercene, Resident Assistant, Hebrew Senior Life
Barbara O'Brien, RN, Senior Operations Leader, Hebrew Senior Life
Michael Timmins, Culinary Manager, Hebrew Senior Life

Session E4
Liberalized Diets: "Let" Them Eat "Real" Food?
ROOM: Empire B
Weight loss is common in nursing homes and associated with poor clinical outcomes. Studies show that one of the frequent causes of weight loss in the long-term care setting is therapeutic diets. Yet, physicians continue to order and homes continue to provide therapeutic diets that are often unpalatable and poorly tolerated. This session describes liberalized diets that are endorsed by most, if not all, the professional organizations that practice in long term care, thereby providing nurses with standards of practice that protect them and their licenses.

Karen Craig, Instructor, Evergreen Community of Johnson County
Leah Thome, Director of Dining Services, Morrison Senior Living/Evergreen Community of Johnson County

Session E5
Java Music Club Advances Culture Change
ROOM: Heartland Café Theater
Much of social programming in long-term care is more like a "snack" than a "nutritious meal" with opportunities for meaningful engagement often lacking. Java Music Club is a research-based, mutual support program for skilled nursing, assisted living, retirement, adult day programs, and independent living. No musical abilities are required. Learn how one Canadian organization implemented this program, hear evaluation results and a demo and understand how you can use this program to advance culture change. InterRAI's self-reported Quality of Life Survey (QOL) revealed significant changes in participants' ratings. Downward trends on the Depression Rating Scale were also found.

Heather Luth, Director of Recreation and Volunteer Services, Village of Wentworth Heights, Schlegel Villages
Kristine Theurer, Founder, Java Music Club Inc.
Jessica Luh Kim, Director of Education and Program Development, Schlegel Villages
Kaylen Pfisterer, Schlegel-University of Waterloo Research Institute for Aging

Session E6
The 'Heart' of a Leader's Journey through Culture Change
ROOM: New York B
The journey in transforming an organization becomes much easier when you put 'heart' into the reasons, decisions and systems to improve the quality of life for residents. Two leaders almost 30-years apart in age both brought 'heart' to their leadership successes in motivating all the staff to embrace culture change. They will share how their different approaches to leadership keeps this award winning Heartland organization on the journey of successful outcomes in systems, risk management and quality care through blended departments. When you become passionate, all things are possible. This session will focus on how to maintain systems while sustaining passion for the vision.

KJ Langlais, CEO, Evergreen Living Innovations, Inc.
Jamie Paredes, Administrator / Executive Director, Evergreen Community

I Laugh, Therefore I Am: Humor as Pathway to Person-Centered Relationships - Part 2
ROOM: Atlanta
Welcome to Part 2! In this session, we'll delve into practical uses of humor through a variety of creative programs that will help you create a laughter-rich environment. Then, we'll shift gears and talk about how humor-related social interactions can be harmful, as well as helpful - and how humor can impact the mental health of elders living in community settings. You will leave this session with a tailored plan and the tools needed to create a comprehensive, personalized humor program in your environment. (Part 1 is D9)

Kelli Hawver, Director of Rehab/Speech Language Pathology, Teresian House Center for the Elderly
Ann McQueen, Operations and Policy Analyst, State of Oregon

Session E8
Coalescing and Connecting: A Nation's Journey to Person-Centered Dementia Care
ROOM: Chouteau A-B
This is a call to action for all dementia care stakeholders. Learn about and engage with the national Dementia Action Alliance (DAA), formed by CCAL-Advancing Person-Centered Living, Planetree and The Eden Alternative.® Explore the dementia care issues impacting our country and the critical need to work together to make person-centered dementia care the only acceptable norm. Watch the premiere of our video about what matters most to people living with dementia (shot by a National Geographic filmmaker), and hear about our national survey on why person-centered matters. Let's collaborate on how we can work together!

Jackie Pinkowitz, Board Chair, CCAL- Advancing Person-Centered Living

Sonya Barsness, Sonya Barsness Consulting
Karen Love, CCAL - Advancing Person-Centered Living
Kim McRae, CCAL-Advancing Person-Centered Living

Session E9
The Heart of QAPI – Designing and Measuring Person-Directed Quality Improvement Projects
ROOM: Chicago A-B
Many organizations perceive federally-mandated performance improvement initiatives, like QAPI, as mutually exclusive from implementing person-directed care. But what about those areas that are closer to the heart of the residents? This session will focus on using QAPI to enhance quality of life issues through an integrated process. Participants will learn how to optimize quality improvement and culture change efforts into a single vision for change. Participants will also discuss the steps needed to identify, define and set person-centered quality measures. Examples of QAPI projects and measures will be provided and participants will practice creating their own person-centered measures.

Demi Haffenreffer , President / CEO , Haffenreffer & Associates, Inc.
Denise Hyde, Community Builder, The Eden Alternative
Sandra Place, Administrator, Jackson County Medical Care Facility

Session E10
The Journey of a Sage: Bringing the Person and the Professional to a New "Third" Age
ROOM: Empire C
This Sage session with Joanne Rader will review some of the many changes that have occurred in the long term care in the last half century. Joanne has first hand experiences with these changes and was instrumental in creating some of the first articles and books for nurses related to care of persons with dementia, helping to explode former myths and common practices such as "reality orientation", use of side rails and restraints. She will reflect on what it takes personally and professionally to be a pioneer in nursing culture change. Join her in a lively discussion about the future of culture change and the importance of nursing.

Joanne Rader, Owner, Rader Consulting

Session E11
Workforce Development: An Essential Ingredient in Getting to and Sustaining Culture Change
ROOM: Chicago C
During this session, your Guide will lead you through a series of discussions about how to recruit and retain a competent quality workforce across all levels—frontline staff, managers, clinicians and administrators. This session will be highly interactive and will challenge the group with provocative questions about current practice and how organizations can improve their workplace culture and invest more purposefully in their human capital.

Robyn Stone, Senior VP for Research, LeadingAge

Session E12
Places in the Heart - Voices from the Heartland and the Empowering Journey
ROOM: Benton
Join a panel from the Heartland, as they share their empowering journey. As the hierarchy changes, the contributions of each staff member is enhanced and the roles are altered. Participants learn firsthand how a Director of Nursing, Nurse Leader, and CNA neighborhood Team Leaders collaborate to create home. Changes in the hiring process, self-scheduling, staffing style changes, roles of universal workers and other aspects will be revealed in the journey from the traditional model to the new person-centered model. A panel discussion, real life scenarios and audience participation will make this session a valuable experience.

Jalane White, Administrator, Pleasant View Home

Cassie  Crane, Pleasant View Home
Missy Friesen, Pleasant View Home
Michelle Neufeld, Pleasant View Home
Marilyn Stufflebean, Pleasant View Home

Session E13
Leadership Teams: Promoting Staff Accountability and Supporting Resident-Directed Care
ROOM: Empire A
As long-term care organizations transition into the household model and focus on the culture within their organization, initial focus on building team and empowering staff is paramount. Person-directed care is and should be the primary focus within each house. Stable and active leadership enhances an organization's ability to live its culture and fulfill its mission, particularly when leaders are the caregivers. This session will discuss and explore strategies and tools that will enable and empower leaders in a decentralized environment to create and preserve culture in an effective and contagious manner.

Garrett Lee, Health Services Director, Meadowlark Hills Retirement Community
Katie Wilcox, Household Coordinator, Meadowlark Hills Retirement Community

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