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Concurrent Educational Session C

Tuesday, August 5, 2014 - 4:00 to 5:30 pm

Session C1
Sponsored by the Alzheimer's Association "essentiALZ® Dementia Care Certification Program":
Applying the Small Household Model of Outstanding Dementia Care to the Larger Setting! Can It Be Done?
ROOM: New York A
This session will face all the hard questions and challenges of bringing the best in competent dementia living to the most institutional and oversized settings. Come learn from a team with extraordinary insight. The founder of English Rose Suites' journey encompasses 30 years of person-centered care from very large settings to the small household model. Begin with an understanding of what you are currently doing that is working in your setting. From an overview of the key elements of person-centered dementia care, list new opportunities for excellence and how to get there. Exit with new strategies.

Jayne Clairmont, President & CEO, English Rose Suites & "b home" Home Care
Christine  McDonald, Team Mentor, English Rose Suites & "b home" Home Care
Katie Rinehimer, Quality of Life Coordinator, English Rose Suites & "b home" Home Care

Session C2
The Role of the Therapy Team in Person-Directed Care - Lessons from Our Journey
ROOM: Van Horn B-C
Most considerations of culture change and person directed care focus on Person-Directed Communities. Rehabilitation therapy departments are part of care communities but have their own set of challenges when approaching culture change. Follow one organization's journey in culture change. See how they applied the concepts of personal, organizational and physical transformation through the process of creating a vision, providing education and implementing person directed care in the therapy setting. We will look at their approach and come up with strategies you can use to implement culture change in therapy to impact your elders and community.

Janice Bays, Vice President of Clinical Services, Creative Health Solutions
Kris Rairdon, Clinical Specialist, Creative Health Solutions

Session C3
Musical Experiences for Elders—Practical Solutions for Wellness
ROOM: Heartland Café Theater
In this experiential session you will learn how music at specific rhythms (50 and 60 beats per minute, for example) can affect body rhythms, lower heart rate and blood pressure and be used as Musical Biofeedback. You will also experience Musical Acupuncture for helping with pain and learning how sound can move energy in our bodies. There will be a short video on music and drumming for persons with dementia and also examples of easy instruments for elder self- expression. There will be a section of musical solutions for persons with Parkinson's disease. Many people know intuitively that there is power in music but do not know specific techniques to use. This workshop is all about specific and practical solutions.

Janalea Hoffman, Owner/Founder of Rhythmic Medicine-Sounds of Comfort

Session C4
Person-Centered Care - Does It Matter?
ROOM: Chicago C
During this session providers will learn why person-centered care is not just another program, but instead, how it is the foundation by which providers will meet the changing demands of the future. Not only is person-centered care a "must have" element in any organizational structure, it has become the "standard of practice." Providers will learn how the cost of NOT incorporating person-centered care philosophies and strategies can have negative consequences to the bottom-line and negative outcomes with CMS. Additionally, providers will learn how to identify and measure culture change efforts.

Veronica Barber, Managing Partner , Elder-Strong, LLC
Denise  Boudreau-Scott , Owner, Denise B. Scott, LLC


Steve Moran, Senior Housing Forum

Inspired Leaders, Inspired Teams, Inspired Results
ROOM: Atlanta
While some are born as gifted leaders, most of us need to practice the critical skills necessary to resolve conflicts, build effective teams and inspire full engagement from everyone around them. These "change-champions" motivate their colleagues to overcome their resistance to new challenges and thrive during uncertainty. Through discussion of best-practices and interactivity, participants will step outside themselves and examine the impact of their attitudes and actions. This session will challenge you like an honest friend, hold up a professional mirror, and encourage your growth as a role-model with increased influence and confidence.

Christopher Ridenhour, Director of Staff Engagement Training, Liberty Lutheran

Session C7
Integrated Wellness Programs - Enhancing Well-Being
ROOM: Van Horn A
This session will introduce a basic train-the-trainer program for nursing homes to implement an integrative wellness program. There will be an introduction to the 7 modalities chosen to initiate the wellness program and why we limited the start-up to 7. The modalities are: aromatherapy; holistic dining; drum and rhythm circles; Therapeutic Touch; Yoga including Chair Yoga; basic hand, foot and back massage; and finally how to facilitate relaxation. There will also be an interactive discussion on the risks and benefits to such a program.

Evy Cugelman, Life Enhancement Specialist, Vivage Quality Health Partners

Session C8
Creating Our Own Communities as We Age
ROOM: New York B
In surveys, the vast majority of Americans say they want to "age in place" rather than move as they grow older. But often this can lead to loneliness and isolation. In this session, participants will learn how elders around the country are proactively creating innovative ways—such as Villages, co-housing, affinity groups and house-sharing— to have social support and community while maintaining independence. Our experienced session Guides will explore with workshop participants whether these new efforts can really allow elders to remain in their chosen communities throughout their lives.

Beth Baker, Author and Freelance Journalist, Washington, DC
Charlene Boyd, Administrator and Executive Director, Providence Mount St. Vincent & Vashon Community Care

Session C9
Transformational Leadership: New Opportunities for Nurses!
ROOM: Empire B
Successful nursing leadership in a traditional nursing home culture is often defined as knowledge of regulations, ability to craft policies and procedures in accordance with regulations, and holding staff accountable for following these policies and procedures. Organization structures are designed so that ultimate authority for decision-making resides in the Director of Nursing. Task-oriented, top-down leadership styles are not a good fit for culture change, where residents are at the center of care and decision-making takes place as close to them as possible. This session explores transformational leadership styles, and personal and professional characteristics of nurses throughout the continuum of long-term living and person-directed care.

Kathryn Anderson, Director of Clinical Services, Providence Mount St. Vincent

Session C10
Measuring the Immeasurable: A New Paradigm in Culture Change Research
ROOM: Chouteau A-B
We tend to value that which we can measure, instead of deciding what is valuable and then attempting to measure it. Simply put, the most important aspects of culture change are not easily quantifiable. Building an evidence base around living a meaningful life and addressing the needs of the soul have long eluded traditional empirical methods. This workshop probes the idea that we need a new paradigm of research in order to capture matters of the spirit. Let's discuss how we can first determine what is significant and then attempt to measure it.

Sonya Barsness, Owner , Sonya Barsness Consulting LLC
Wendy Lustbader, Affiliate Associate Professor, University of Washington School of Social Work
Sheila Molony, Director of Quality Improvement, Connecticut Community Care, Inc.
A Lynn Snow, Research Clinical Psychologist, Tuscaloosa VA Medical Center/University of Alabama

Session C11
A Life of Advocacy: A Journey to Quality of Care and Life through Federal Law and Consumer Passion
ROOM: Benton
In this session, you will join the journey of one of the Pioneer Network Founders who also for 30 years led the work of the National Citizens Coalition for Nursing Home Reform (now "Consumer Voice") to adopt the National Nursing Home Reform Law, Section III of the Social Security Act. Now writing a book about this experience, Elma Holder will guide you through an understanding of the law, the skills and guts needed to get it passed, and how it has become a great model and partner for the Pioneer Network values and mission. You will also learn how the personal and professional journeys support each other.

Elma Holder, Founder, National Citizens' Coalition for Nursing Home Reform, (now Consumer Voice), Founder, Pioneer Network

Session C12
Leaderships' Challenge: Turning Staff into Care-Givers
ROOM: Chicago A-B
The ground zero for administrators and DON's/Health Services Directors is the relationship between the caregiver and the elder. This point of contact is where quality of life and care occur. It is the leadership in our communities that ensure a culture where the caregivers thrive and are able to establish relationships with elders that help create quality of life. How does this miracle occur -- this transformation to giver of care? We will focus on ways in which leaders attract/preserve staff that are passionate about person-centered care -- where their needs are as important as the elders.

Mary Tellis-Nayak, VP Quality Initiatives, MyInnerView

Session C13
Achieving a Strengths-Focused, Fully Engaged Team!
ROOM: Empire C
Imagine a team of care-givers, fully engaged, fully alive and on mission as they serve our elders. Imagine a leadership team who understand themselves and value the unique talents of their team members. Imagine residents experiencing unsurpassed care and quality of life. Participants in this session will gain an understanding of the power that strengths-based management and leadership can have on the quality of the work environment, which ultimately leads to quality care and quality life for our elders. You will also be exposed to successful strategies for implementing strengths-based performance feedback; hiring and orientation practices; as well as strengths-based management and leadership at all levels within your organization.

Mitchell Elliott, Chief Development Officer, Vetter Health Services, Inc.
Patrick  Fairbanks, Chief Operations Officer, Vetter Health Services, Inc.
Lori Stohs, President, Lori Stohs Consulting

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