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Concurrent Educational Session A

Tuesday, August 5, 2014 - 11:00 am to 12:30 pm

Sponsored by the Alzheimer's Association "essentiALZ® Dementia Care Certification Program":
Dementia Beyond Disease: Enhancing Well-Being
ROOM: Atlanta
This session will present a radically different approach to understanding and responding to distress in people who live with dementia. Using a framework of seven domains of well-being, the Guide will explain why even our best efforts at person-centered care often fall short. The guide will then outline a strength-based, proactive approach that enhances well-being, even for those with significant cognitive disability, and creates a pathway for sustained success.

G. Allen Power, Geriatrician, Author, Educator

Session A2
Organizational Culture — What Is It and How Can I Change It?
ROOM: Benton
In order to achieve meaningful change, organizations need to redefine operational structures and have a good understanding of the role organizational development plays in either supporting or hindering transformation. Ultimately, the culture of the workplace is the foundation upon which change is built. Creating the desired culture is predicated on having a workforce that is mission-driven; therefore attracting and retaining a motivated workforce is critical for sustainable transformation. This session will depict strategies for creating and sustaining a new culture in the workplace.

Veronica Barber, Managing Partner, Elder-Strong, LLC

Session A3
(Re)Thinking Inside the Box: Renovations Within Existing Buildings
ROOM: Chicago C
Many existing senior communities are seeking methods to create more supportive physical environments as they adopt person-centered care. Often these strategies borrow from residential and hospitality models, rather than the institutional models under which the residences were built. Embracing this cultural shift is possible within the confines of an existing building, or site, through methods such as repositioning, renovation, and/or limited expansion. Case studies and data will be shared to illustrate the impact such capital investments have had within specific senior living communities. We will illustrate various strategies, and associated implications, used to achieve contemporary goals within outdated structures.

Steven Montgomery, Associate, Harley Ellis Devereaux
Keith Tyschper, Associate, Harley Ellis Devereaux

Session A4
Creating a Road Map: The Artifacts of Culture Change
ROOM: Chouteau A-B
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services first funded and released the "Artifacts of Culture Change" measurement tool in 2006. Designed to be used by an individual home to document concrete changes and reflect a move from institution to true home, this tool will be explained in detail by the Guides who developed it. Participants will learn how to use the Artifacts and how it has been used in grant projects around the country. You will also be able to identify culture change practices you may not have considered in shifting your focus from institution to individual.

Carmen Bowman, Owner, Edu-Catering
Karen Schoeneman, Owner, Karen Schoeneman Consulting

Session A5
It's All About Relationships! A Case Study of Two State Survey Agencies
ROOM: Empire B
Are you a state surveyor who would like to deepen skills to improve relationships with colleagues and supervisors within your state agency? Are you a surveyor or provider representative who would like to deepen skills to better communicate with each other during and between surveys? If your answer is YES, then this session is for you! Come learn from leaders in the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, the Indiana Department of Health and PHI about how they collaborated to build coaching skills that improve relationships both inside and outside state agencies.

Cean Eppelheimer, Organizational Change Consultant, PHI
Susan Misiorski, National Director of Coaching and Consulting, PHI
Shelly Williamson, Acting Administrator of Division of Long Term Care, Missouri Dept. of Health and Senior Services

Session A6
Running Satellite Kitchens- How to Make Food Everybody's Business
ROOM: Van Horn B-C
This session will provide attendees with concrete tools for planning and implementing satellite dining. By the end of the session you will be able to identify and train staff from multiple disciplines to prepare and serve food in a culture change environment. You will receive a handbook of materials on food safety, food preparation, diet and nutrition prepared by a team that has been working in neighborhoods, rather than a central dining room, for 4+ years.

Malinda Gehrke, Clinical Dietitian, Providence Mount St. Vincent
Janice Raymond, Clinical Nutrition Mgr., Providence Mount St. Vincent

Session A7
Enhancing Leadership Capabilities: Lessons from Missouri
ROOM: Empire C
The University of Missouri developed a unique educational experience for NHAs and RNs to enhance their ability to lead. Offered in cooperation with the state health department and a leading industry association, the program is in its 7th year. The results are significant gains in leadership abilities and heartfelt reviews from the graduates. During this interactive session, faculty and graduates will share the model curriculum including use of complexity science in leading and cultivating person directed care. Lessons learned and a handbook will be shared in order that others may use it as a guide to replicate the Academy's model.

Alexis Roam, University of Missouri

Shirley Farrah, University of Missouri
Dawn Gonzalez-Rubio, West County Care Center
De Minner, University of Missouri

Session A8
Collaborative Filmmaking with an Adult Day Group: Ultimate Communication
ROOM: New York A
The DaySTAE program recognizes that persons with dementia may need creative interactions when the traditional modes of communication are breaking down. The filmmaking experience cultivates imagination and elicits wisdom that may otherwise go unnoticed. Skillful use of drama techniques can make connections beyond the art produced, leaving residents with a sense of control, mastery and meaningful social engagement. This is based on research from Cohen's 2006 study on positive health outcomes and art programs. Through this session you will experience improvisation and collaborative story techniques used by filmmaking participants; view completed art; and witness some of the creative process. Practical applications in your setting will also be discussed.

Amy Kruep, DaySTAE Program Manager, Mercy Health

Session A9
Dispelling Ageism by Creating Empathetic Caregivers
ROOM: Empire A
This session will describe two programs that were established at our community to encourage intergenerational engagement through understanding and empathy. Curry College/Simon C. Fireman Communities is a partnership where older adults and nursing students learn and share collaboratively. The students and older adults participate in selected classes of a college course, "Nursing Care of the Older Adult." Also, the "Alzheimer Buddies" program is a union of undergraduate students and older adults at the Hebrew Rehabilitation Center in Boston. Students meet weekly on a one-to-one basis over an academic year. Through meaningful engagement the students and elders learn from each other.

Mary McCarthy, Assistant Director, Simon C. Fireman Community, Hebrew SeniorLIfe
Robin Stewart, Community Life Leader, Hebrew Senior Life

Session A10
Passion: The Reason We Do What We Do in Long Term Living
ROOM: Chicago A-B
In this session, participants will journey through the core aspects of a passion-driven culture that focuses on person-centered care and support. Using a humorous approach, participants will be able to identify key motivational aspects of their lives and those they work with. Participants will learn techniques to identify and classify the motivational aspirations of all staff members, at all levels of the organization. The major barriers in maintaining a passionate workforce will be identified, as well as ways to mitigate the barriers. Participants will learn solid, proven, concrete ideas for maintaining passion and motivation, avoiding compassion fatigue.

Lynn Niewohner, Director, West Central Illinois Area Agency on Aging
Todd Shackelford, Associate Director, West Central Illinois Area Agency on Aging

Session A11
Our Personal Journey of Conscious Aging for the Greater Good
ROOM: Van Horn A
Ultimately, if we are going to create the 21st century culture of aging, each of us together will need to re-imagine our old age. In the Elders' Guild we see this process as the Journey of Conscious Aging for the Greater Good. Together in this session we engage the process of looking at how a new role for us as elders can change our lives; exploring deep questions about how our service to the greater good can become our legacy; and cultivating a vision for ourselves as powerful and joyful elders within our families.

Barry Barkan, Director, Live Oak Institute
Debora Cushman Barkan, Co-Director, Live Oak Institute

Session A12
The New Normal "Aging in Community" Models: What's Your Role?
ROOM: New York B
Successful aging requires "whole person" strategies and brings together four main tenants: safe, affordable and accessible housing; services to support health, prevention and well-being; mobility and transportation options; and, self-advocacy and civic engagement. Cross-sector collaboration is essential to meet individual preferences and accommodate the episodic nature of need. This session will provide participants an opportunity to understand the importance of community strategies; learn about emerging models; and gain a better understanding as to how to leverage their expertise with other community partners to create services, supports and the social capital needed to support healthy aging.

Candace Baldwin, Director of Strategy, Aging in Community, Capital Impact Partners

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