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Virtual Tour

Resident Bathroom

Overall Goal:

In a traditional nursing home environment residents usually share a bathroom, so the challenge becomes how to personalize the bathroom to the specific needs of each resident while creating an attractive and functional bathroom that provides adequate storage space. Unfortunately, there is usually considerable cost to renovating resident bathrooms. If some funds become available or the maintenance schedule dictates replacements are in order, consider the small changes in the virtual tour that improve the functionality of the bathrooms.Most importantly, clean, clean, clean. Even cleaning the bathroom tile and resurfacing grout to a new or its original color makes a world of difference.

As in other parts of the home, it is important to remember that residents have a lifetime of experience decorating bathrooms, and many actually enjoy the task.  When considering replacing low-cost options such as accessories or paint colors, consult your residents or bring them along for the shopping trip! A resident that feels at home is a worthy investment with beneficial returns!

Examples of low-cost ideas:

5 piece accessory set: $15
Lockable Cabinet: $25
Shower curtain: $16
Motion sensing light switch: $20
Faucet paddle handles: $25