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Shared Shower/Tub Room

Overall Goal:

Traditionally, bathing or showering in a nursing home is a mandatory task that seldom provides enjoyment for either staff or residents. Possibly because this room is off stage, not routinely seen by visitors to the home, the room is often ignored, used for storage of extra wheel chairs and other equipment, or serves as a collection spot for clutter. The result is an unpleasant environment for both residents and staff. Resolve to change this mindset and adopt an overall goal of a more pleasant experience and pleasurable care-giving.


The first step towards creating your spa is to identify any items in the shower/tub room that are not necessary for bathing a resident. Either relocate or discard the unnecessary clutter. Next identify signs on the wall that typically say: "clean the tub after every use". If the signs are really necessary, print them on very bright paper and post them on the inside door of a cabinet. A complete "makeover" of room can be accomplished with $1500 or started with $25 for a new shower curtain. Whatever the goals, your residents have spent a lifetime decorating bathrooms on a budget. Enlist their opinion in the new decor or take them shopping! Most of all, incorporate CHOICE into care planning and bathing times to help residents feel at home.  

Examples of low-cost ideas:

Vanity with mirror: $250
Shower curtain: $10-$20
Bath caddy: $5
Shelves/storage: $10-$100