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Virtual Tour


Overall Goal:

Corridors serve multiple purposes. Their main purpose is serving as a passageway for traveling from one place to another. Distance and functionality are considerations as well as signage that directs visitors to their destination. Corridors serve a cueing purpose by assisting the residents in way finding so it is helpful to distinguish one corridor from another through use of decorations and color. Think of the corridors as streets with people's homes on either side.

Stepping over the threshold into a resident's room is similar to entering the front door to her/his home. Create an entrance that is reminiscent of the house down the block that you have always wanted to be invited into. Consider painting each door frame a different color to increase cueing and way finding.

Examples of low-cost ideas:

Shawdowboxes: $20-$50 (for 3)
Residential light fixture: $10-$30
Mailbox: $10
Sheer Curtain for door: $10
Track light: $20-$50
Borders: $5 for a 12' roll
Removing clutter: $0