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Reception Area

Overall Goal:

The primary reasons for the reception area are for security and welcoming visitors. When someone walks through the front door, they will take with them a lasting impression of the home and that impression will come from their senses: what they smell, hear or see. It is common to walk into a home and rather than seeing a reception area, the visitor arrives at a counter of a nursing station with a caregiver staff person sitting on the opposite side.

Instead of having the caregiver do the double duty of receptionist and care giving, separate the task. Think of the reception area as a concierge desk in a hotel. Create an area, even if it is very limited in size that is exclusively used for reception duties. Delineate that space by clustering some chairs around the main entrance for those residents who are waiting for transportation or just want to be a part of the action at the front door.

Examples of low-cost ideas:

Easel - $20-$50
Cafe doors - $100-$150
Portable CD Player - $20-$40
Coffeemaker - $20-$50
Breadmaker - $50-$100
Pillows - $20-$50 (fabric for 6)
Flowers - Free from garden or donated
Concierge desk - Second hand or donated