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Gathering Spaces

Overall goal:

A way to think about  a social space available to everyone in the home is to think of a neighborhood coffee shop – a place a short distance from your home that you walk to for the purpose of enjoying the company of someone else or just for a change of scenery. In a nursing home this is the place where visitors, staff and residents can interact with each other. As more homes are reorganizing or decentralizing spaces, there tends to be an abundant supply of underused space on the first floor of many homes. There are many ideas for the use of that space that do not require major renovations; they just require a creative and flexible use of the space. The first step to determining what form any underused space might take is to complete the assessment of what amenities are available and then determine what additional amenities might enhance the life of the users of the home.

Examples of low-cost ideas:

Aviary: $250
Letters: $1-$2
Coffee Table: $100-$150
Paint: $5-$20 per can
Cafe table: $100-$150