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Overall Goal:

Many residents in nursing homes go weeks without spending time outdoors. Often there is no direct access and the distance to the outdoor space is so overwhelming that it precludes any enjoyment. Once that resident is outdoors, the space is often not conducive to an enjoyable experience or is lacking a view of activity. In fact, strategically utilized outdoor space can be a cost-effective investment for your home with high impact for residents and staff.  

Outdoor space functions as an additional lounge and every effort should be made to facilitate residents' independent use of the space. The most popular outdoor space is just outside the main entrance where real life activities take place. Create a "welcoming" patio at the front entrance. Accommodate and encourage use of all outdoor space by providing adequate seating protected from the sun. In addition, chances are that many of your residents are avid gardeners or bird watchers and miss their favorite hobbies. Why not take advantage of these master gardeners to improve your landscape while providing a therapeutic activity and lots of vitamin D in the process? Crisp fall air and birds chirping in the morning can also stimulate sense memory and a resident's sense of well-being. These are just a few of the improved health outcomes for your residents that are well worth your outdoor efforts!

Examples of low-cost ideas:

Awnings: $100-$200
Wheelchair umbrella: $30
Bird watchers guide: $5
Bird feeder: $10-$30
Birdbath: $20 and up
Surgical latex gloves: Already in use
Solar powered lights: $15 and up