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Front Entrance

Overall Goal:

Entering a nursing home can be a daunting experience for persons who are entering their new home for the first time, for family members who are escorting the new resident, and for visitors who are visiting the residents. The goal is to create a welcoming entrance that is accessible, attractive, noninstitutional, well lighted, secure, and provides seating options.

Traffic, people coming and going, and even deliveries are welcome sights to many residents. That is why the space around the main entrance is such a popular place to be. Work at accommodating those real life experiences by creating a front entrance as dynamic and diverse as the people that live and work at your home. It is important to remember that this is each resident's home and they should be encouraged to use the area and to welcome their visitors as they arrive.

Examples of low-cost ideas:

2-person bench:  $50-$100
Solar Powered Security Lights: $50-$100
Landscaping: $100-$200 (or free if donated)
Paint: $50-$100
Decorations: $1-$50