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Monthly Networking Call Summaries

Pioneer Network is committed to serving as a resource to new and already established coalitions and to providing opportunities for networking among state coalitions. Pioneer Network organizes Monthly Coalition Networking Calls for coalitions to share resources and information. Call summaries and related documents are available below. To participate in coalition networking calls, contact Cathy Lieblich at or 312-224-2568. Click here for an overview of additional coalition resources available on this website.

May 2013 Topic:  CMS, State Survey Agencies and Culture Change Coalitions: We are All in This Together. Call Summary

April 2013 Topic:  How Coalitions are Using Social Media. Call Summary

March 2013 Topic:  How Coalitions are Building and Managing WebsitesCall Summary
---MOVE Website Information Management Policy

February 2013 Topic:  Coalitions' Relationships with AHCA and LeadingAge Affiliates. Call Summary

January 2013 Topic:  The Elders Guild followed by Coalition Sharing. Call Summary

September 2012 Topic:  Reaching Out To Consumers. Call Summary

August 2012 Topic:  The Georgia Coalition's work with Eden at Home. Call Summary
 ---Creating Eden in Georgia
 ---Bringing Person-Directed Principles to Home & Community-Based Care: A Coalition Driven Approach
 ---EAH Replication Benefits

July 2012 Topic:  Update on Michigan's One Vision Moving Forward Project. Call Summary

June 2012 Topic:  The Florida's Coalition's Work with Assisted Living Providers. Call Summary

May 2012 Topic:  National Learning Collaborative on Using MDS 3.0 as the Engine for Individualized High Quality Care. Advisory Board Call Summary

April 2012 Topic:  New Advancing Excellence Goals. Call Summary
  ---Advancing Excellence Goals

March 2012 Topic:  2012 Pioneer Network Conference and Coalitions Session. Call Summary

February 2012 Topic:  New Dining Standards and What Coalitions Can Do to Promote Their Use. Call Summary

January 2012 Topic:  Findings from Pioneer Network Coalitions Committee Survey regarding State Survey Agency Involvement with Coalitions and Culture Change. Call Summary

November 2011 Topic:  How Coalitions Can Use the Consistent Assignment and Other Advancing Excellence Tools to Work with Providers on their Culture Change Journey.
  ---CCC November 2011 Campaign Overview Resources and Tools
  ---October 2011 Analysis Updated

October 2011 Topic:  How Coalitions Have Used Social Networking to Advance Culture Change in Their State. Call Summary
  ---Social Networking Information
  ---How to Use Twitter for Business

September 2011 Topic:  How Coalitions Have Maintained Their Momentum Over the Years. Call Summary

August 2011 Topic:  Lessons Learned from the Colorado Culture Change Collaborative Project. Call Summary
  ---Artifacts Campaign flyer.pdf
  ---Ideal Administrator self assessment ACHCA.pdf
  ---Culture Change Collaborative Colorado Grant Project 2010-2011 Summary

July 2011 Topic:  Pioneer Network's Design on a Dollar Web-based Resource and Coalitions' experience with it. Call Summary

June 2011 Topic:  Coalitions' experience doing group viewings of the "Integrating the MDS 3.0 into Daily Practice" webinars. Call Summary

May 2011 Topic:  How coalitions have developed good working relationships with the state survey agency, provider associations and state long-term care ombudsman in order to advance culture change in their state. Call Summary

April 2011 Topic:  How State Coalitions Have Set Up Regional Coalitions or Groups and What They Are Doing. Call Summary

March 2011 Topic:  How Coalitions Are Working With Other Care Settings Beyond Nursing Homes. Call Summary

February 2011 Topic:  State Culture Change Coalitions and LANEs Working Together. Call Summary

November 2010 Topic:  Organizational Structures for CoalitionsCall Summary

October 2010 Topic:  Informal NetworkingCall Summary

July 2010 Topic:  Provider Association Involvement in Culture Change and Coalitions. Call Summary

June 2010 Topic:  Planetree's Long-Term Care Improvement GuideCall Summary
  --- Reporting Long-Term Care Leadership Round Table.pdf
  --- Summit Flyer.pdf
  --- Planetree Fact Sheet.pdf

April 2010 Topic: Involving Consumers in Coalitions.  Call Summary

February 2010 Topic:  Reaching the Corporate Chains with the Culture Change Message. Call Summary

January 2010 Topic:  Co-hosting Educational Programs and Other Events.  Call Summary

November 2009 Topic: Open discussion on Coalition Activities. Call Summary

October 2009 Topic: Further Discussion on the Language of Culture Change.  Call Summary and Culture Change PowerPoint Outline MA Advocates for NH Reform10-09

August 2009 Topic: Pioneer Network Conference Feedback and "The language we use to describe what we do." Call Summary

July 2009 Topic: Conducting Webinars and Podcasts for Provider Education, and Culture change or Person-centered Care in Assisted Living Call Summary

June 2009 Topic: Follow up to the Pioneer Network's Webinars on the New Interpretive Guidelines Call Summary

May 2009 Topic: Projects that Have Helped Coalitions Identify Homes in Their State on Their Culture Change Journey Call Summary

April 2009 Topic: Products Developed or Used By Coalitions Call Summary

March 2009 Topic: Organizational Structure and Governance of Coalitions Call Summary

January 2009 Topic: Coalition Websites, E-Newsletters and the Pioneer Network's New Website Call Summary

December 2008 Topic: How Coalitions are Identifying and Working with Homes on their Culture Change Journey Call Summary; Advancing Culture Change in Florida Project SummaryCreating Home in the Nursing Home through Culture Change Training Focused on Enhancing the Dining Experience

November 2008 Topic: The Relationship between State Culture Change Coalitions and the Advancing Excellence Campaign's Local Area Networks for Excellence (LANEs) Call Summary

September 2008 Topic: Involving Consumers Call Summary; Involving the Consumer; Choosing a Nursing Home Culture Change Questionnaire.

August 2008 Topic: Regional Coalitions or Collaboratives and the State Coalition Call Summary

July 2008 Topic: CMP Funds for State Coalition Activities Call Summary (additional information at Funding)

June 2008 Topic: Raising Revenue from Conferences Call Summary