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Establishing a Shared Agenda

Key Elements of State Coalitions

At the first meeting, ask each participant to not only introduce themselves and their organization (if they are representing an organization) but to state why they believe there is a need for establishing a state culture change coalition. Begin development of a vision statement at the first meeting and ask for volunteers to participate in a vision statement task force that will report back at the next meeting. At the second meeting, finalize the vision statement and begin developing the mission statement for the coalition. Ask for volunteers to participate in a mission statement task force that will report back at the next meeting. A set of values should also be adopted (many of the existing coalitions have adopted the Pioneer Network's Values and Principles). Some coalitions have used an outside facilitator for the first meeting or so to help the group do its work. This can neutralize any politics or personalities as well as aid in moving toward developing shared understandings and a culture of consensus decision-making.

Coalition Example - "The coalition's mission is to drive positive changes in LTC from institutional models of care to person-centered environments. The coalition's vision is to promote development of person-centered environments where individuals live, work and grow in nurturing, respectful communities that honor personal choice and diverse lifestyles." Michelle M. Pandolfi, Connecticut Culture Change Coalition