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South Dakota Culture Change Coalition

Contact Information
Bill Kubat
Website: No website at this time

The South Dakota Culture Change (SDCCC) began in 2004. Members meet virtually through conference calls with some face-to-face meetings. The focus has been to identify the unique activities the coalition can provide that do not compete with other state organizations. Early on, the coalition hosted a meeting with Rose Marie Fagan as featured speaker and has conducted 1-2 broadcasts per year using the Dakota Digital Network that connects the state via videoconference technology at schools and select locations across the state. The Mission Statement is as follows: The SDCCC is a network of stakeholders who are seeking to transform the long-term care (LTC) culture of nursing homes and assisted living centers by creating holistic, person-centered home environments. To achieve this, the Coalition encourages the development of collaborative partnerships between the consumers and staff of South Dakota LTC facilities. The Coalition provides a framework for education and the exchange of resources, best practice ideas, support and networking related to culture change innovations. The Vision Statement is as follows: The SDCCC desires movement toward successful transformation of change in the LTC culture to a social model where residents and staff have person-centered relationships. The Coalition will distinguish itself as a partner and advocate for culture change that provides direction, motivation, encouragement and respect for innovation. Culture change in LTC will required renewed attitudes toward:
  • The value of LTC living environments and consumers
  • The contribution of residents and staff toward increased opportunities to make choices and control events that are meaningful.
  • The role of staff to nurture the human spirit while offering excellent health care.
  • Collaborative staff accountabilities.

Organizational Structure
The organization consists of a group of stakeholders from across the state including: AARP, Alzheimer's Association, Avera Health System, Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society, Sanford Health System, South Dakota Association of Health Organizations, SD Department of Health, SD Health Care Association, SD Foundation for Medical Care and the state LTC ombudsman. The leadership is informal right now with no intention to incorporate in the future.


In recent years, we have received honoraria for our participation in the Pioneer Network's for Phase 1 and 2 of National Learning Collaborative activities.
Other than that, there has been no outside funding. The costs for the coalition activities are being born by the stakeholders within the coalition. Coalition members feel that they have been effective with this approach to date.

2014 Accomplishments
  • SDCCC continued participation in Phase 2 of the Pioneer Network's National Learning Collaborative, which consisted of Peggy Williams conducting videotaped interviews with staff members from 2 of the 4 official incubator homes for the 2012 - 2013 round of the Pioneer Network's National Learning Collaborative on Using MDS 3.0 as the Engine for Individualized High Quality Care. The interviews and other information from those homes were shared with the Pioneer Network for the drafting of an implementation handbook regarding engaging staff in individualizing care.
  • Began a second round of the Pioneer Network's Phase 1 National Learning Collaborative on Using MDS 3.0 as the Engine for Individualized High Quality Care. With Peggy Williams' leadership, our collaborative consisted of 8 nursing homes. The coalition used the Pioneer Network's "Engaging Staff in Individualizing Care Starter Toolkit" during the Learning Sessions and loaned out to the nursing homes 2 copies of the Pioneer Network's "Engaging Staff in Individualizing Care 12 webinar DVD" to share the learning with additional staff in those nursing homes.
  • The SD Advancing Excellence LANE is now under the SD Culture Change Coalition.
  • Advancing Excellence National Director, Carol Scott and SD AE LANE Convener Lori Hintz gave a presentation at the SDHCA fall conference on the AE website format and person-centered activities and the AE person-centered care goal. Advancing Excellence had a booth at the SDHCA fall conference to promote AE and update current signup information.
  • SDCCC co-signed a letter with the SD Dementia Coalition, SDFMC and SDMDA that was sent to every nursing home medical director in December about the new antipsychotic reduction goals, current statewide data and actionable steps to help further the reduction of unnecessary antipsychotic use in nursing homes and request that they support the National Partnership to Improve Dementia Care. This letter was also submitted for publication in the SD Medical Directors Association's newsletter and to both health care organizations for publication and dissemination to their members.