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Arkansas Culture Change Accord

Contact Information
Betty Bennett or Kim Tackett
Arkansas Innovative Performance Program or

In 2004, the three co-leaders (Peggy Moody of Catlett Care, Dr. Cornelia Beck of University of Arkansas for Medical Science, and Dr. Claudia Beverly of University of Arkansas for Medical Science) agreed to lead a ten-year effort to improve the quality of life for Arkansas' nursing home residents. They identified stakeholders with similar vision and beliefs to form the Coalition for Nursing Home Excellence, an independent nonpartisan organization. A retreat sponsored by Arkansas Health Care Association and Donald W. Reynolds Institute on Aging was held for participants to create vision and mission statements.

Organizational Structure
  • The stakeholders for the Arkansas Coalition for Nursing Home Excellence meet quarterly. This group is composed of members around the state involved in practice, policy and academia (AFMC, AHCA/F, owners, culture change nurse consultant, Advocates for Nursing Homes, Office of Long Term Care, Ombudsmen, and representative from Office of the Governor, Alzheimer's Arkansas,  and a state representative.
  • At the quarterly meetings we have committee reports and updates from stakeholders and their progress.
  • The committee AR Advancing Excellence campaign (formerly LANE) meets monthly in a smaller group to discuss work on culture change, meeting goals related to Advancing Excellence in  America's Nursing Homes, and any meetings or events to further our goal.
  • The Marketing and Public Relations committee works to inform the public and nursing facilities about progress of culture change activities and goals. We have window clings, brochures, and banner for use at public events that would reach our target audience.

Funding is provided by stakeholders and a CMP awarded contract from DHS for the Advancing Excellence Campaign in America's Nursing Homes to the Arkansas Coalition for Nursing Home Excellence

2014 Accomplishments

  • Held 5 regional workshops in varying cities around the state on the topic of Creating a Culture of Change led by CW Miller, Custom Training Concepts, Hot Springs, AR

  • Introduced the concept of an annual Culture Change Symposium in AR. Held in June 2014 with featured guests, Karen Stobbe and Mondy Carter. Invited AR culture change homes to set up a networking event to share ideas and communicate with peers during event.

  • Worked with the State Long Term Care Ombudsman to promote and distribute the "Home Thermostat Tool"

  • Sponsored a Virtual Dementia Tour exhibit at the AR Health Care Association trade show

  • Continued work through the Partnership to Improve Dementia Care on reduction of antipsychotic medication

  • Participated in work to educate front line staff on how to improve their approach to care

  • Members of coalition received Positive Approach to Care certification through Teepa Snow and work will continue to train and educate based on these principles for person directed care

  • Hosted Dr. Bryan Williams for a one day workshop on honoring our residents by providing world class customer service

  • Conducted Conference Calls featuring various Culture Change speakers and topics.

  • Monthly updates to the blog.

  • Provided culture change speakers to various stakeholder events around the state.

  • Provided intensive onsite coaching and support to homes working on culture change ideas around the state.

  • Continue to promote the tool "Honoring Resident Choice and Desires" document to be used as a QAPI tool for person-centered care.