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Develop a Web-based National Clearinghouse

Supported by The Commonwealth Fund

Project Start Date: 09/08

The objective of this activity is to support the building, maintenance, and management of a national web-based clearinghouse and online resource that can foster the dissemination of project outcomes, support education and training, and can provide tools and guidance in person-centered care. To meet this objective, the project will develop web-based modules to facilitate communication of the state coalitions, policymakers, providers, and consumers through products, resources, and recommendations resulting from the national conference, CMS symposium, core competencies development, and the multiple collaborative activities associated with the project.

This project commenced in 2008 with the re-launch of our website. Subsequent phases to reach completion in 2009 include the following features:

  • Password protected areas to promote further connectivity and relationships between Pioneer Network and our wide spectrum of audiences;
  • A monitored, interactive, online forum for state coalitions to facilitate ongoing communication among state coalitions about strategies and activities to advance culture change in their respective coalitions, and to discuss topics of mutual interest that will increase the capacity of each coalition to move forward;
  • Additional products from recommendations of the CMS Symposium (outside of the coalition work detailed above) - early recommendations include activities to support research, life and safety code advancements, and CMS regulatory interpretation (e.g. research clearinghouse, regulation updates and posts, committee activities);
  • Live Video Streaming for special training sessions, live cast of national conference sessions, and online town hall meetings;
  • E-Learning Modules to educate audiences in varying project-related content (e.g. core competencies, state coalition initiatives, and training in person-directed innovation and practice);
  • Consumer dissemination of project findings and recommendations - as part of this initiative, many of the above activities and findings will be summarized in a way that is meaningful and useful for consumers.